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At Ako Farms, we're on a mission to uncover the enchanting world of terpenes, where every cannabis cartridge becomes a gateway to a realm of distinct flavors and unparalleled experiences. With meticulous attention, we curate an array of offerings, each designed to be the perfect companion to your unique mood and preferences. But our dedication doesn't stop there – our commitment extends to crafting exclusive, vibrant packaging adorned with the graceful silhouette of whale tails, an homage to the majestic Sitka, Alaska. Your journey with our products is of paramount importance, and we relentlessly strive to enhance your cannabis experience.

A Different Approach to Terpenes: The Ako Farms Advantage

In a landscape where many cannabis companies subject their terpenes to high temperatures, resulting in degradation and diminished quality, we stand apart. At Ako Farms, our terpenes are nurtured with patience, undergoing a slower extraction process. The outcome is nothing short of exceptional – an elevation in terpene content that translates to a refined and superior product.

Full Spectrum Terpene Profile


Lemon Rhind

- Terpenes: 15.00%

- Zesty lemon flavor; uplifting and alert high, perfect for productive days.


- Terpenes: 12.72%

- Instant head-rocking sativa with light berry sweetness in the aftertaste.


- Terpenes: 11.90%

- Citrusy and skunky; provides a euphoric lift, a staff favorite.

Sour Al

- Terpenes: 19.51%

- Motivating high with a kushy gassy floral flavor.



Strawberry Ghost

- Terpenes: 10.79%

- Like freshly opened strawberry jam; relaxing hybrid for unwinding.

Watermelon Zkittlez

- Terpenes: 14.19%

- Fresh and sweet; the high promotes a great mood.

Ghost Dawg

- Terpenes: 13.03%

- Hybrid with a nostalgic gaseous flavor.



Strawberry Banana

- Terpenes: 11.48%

- Pure essence of strawberry banana; offers a dominating indica high.

Let the exploration of terpenes at Ako Farms be your guide to an extraordinary cannabis odyssey.


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